In Blokzijl, a romantic little harbor town in the north of Overijssel in the Netherlands, you can find a gorgeous shop at Bierkade 9: Fint Store. This concept store is located in a charming old harbor office with ornamental ceilings and a basement filled with furniture from the 60’s. Fint store is founded by Katy Sonke ( and Suzanne Beurmanjer (Dat Zit Wel Snor). Fint store sells retro, one of a kind furniture and home accessories. You can also find lots of original, handmade, recycled and original pieces, like a candle within a teacup and festoons made from sheets of music.
I always become very greedy when I enter the store. Every piece is unique and evidence of creative minds. Lately they also sell fashion for all kind of women. The two lovely ladies did a great job creating a store like this. I actually expected a concept like the Fint Store in a bigger city, because I’m sure that loads of people would love to visit this shop. On the other hand, with a beautifully situated property such as Bierkade 9 with it’s view over the harbor I can imagine why they have decided upon Blokzijl. Blokzijl is small but lovely with it’s small harbor and quay, monumental buildings, winding streets and interesting sites. Definitely worth the visit and, that’s why I’m writing this review, so is the Fint Store! Stop by for their large collection of creativity, coffee or Olli and James, the two dogs that are always there to give you a warm welcome.



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