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Lemon Cheesecake

Cheesecake is my favorite cake in the world, but unfortunately I never conquered a healthy version. So I guess that’s the beauty of my job; making a nutritious and healthier kind.  This lemon cheesecake (because everything is better with lemon) contains no added sugar, much less saturated fat, little salt and is completely vegan. Though this sweet tooth is healthy, it doesn’t belong in a weight loss journey because of it’s calories. Let me know your thoughts!
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Last week we visited Breda, a cosy city in Brabant. Breda is such a lovely place to spend your days together with good company, nice food and gorgeous streets and shops. It’s all very charismatic. We began with a required cup of coffee and headed on to some shops (there was also a sweet little book shop with a wide range of English literature). There are lots of art shops, book shops and concept stores. You may say I recommend Breda as a great place to be!

And there was Yirga. An urban food and coffee bar. We had late breakfast and it invited me to write a review. Fair coffee, healthy and tasty food, nice vibe and space and everything is homemade. We ordered a shared dish with poached eggs with salmon, American pancakes, sourdough bread and yoghurt with fruit and granola. We brought our two year old Luke with us and he enjoyed every bite and remained still in his chair the whole time (that’s amazing, believe me). A big succes for all three of us. We enjoyed the cosy light through the windows, the retro details combined with industrial influences and our togetherness. It was pure quality time!
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Raspberry Breakfast Crumble

Made this last week for breakfast and it was so yummy. A crunchy bite with a little sweet and sour thanks to the honey and raspberries. At first I made this recipe with cherries, because I wanted to make a seasonal delight. Cherries are more sweet, so you can also try that version. In my opinion raspberries and honey are the perfect combination. I used coconut oil for a nice texture. The crumble looks a lot like the granola recipe I posted a year ago. Let me know what you think!
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Last Sunday I went to this wonderland wilderness: Wildeburg. A weekend festival with all kinds of dj booths, stages, food trucks and countless dreamy spots to sit with good company and drinks. There was even a small lake where you could take a swim or jump aboard one of the floating rafts. I felt like Alice in Wonderland herself. We danced for hours, tried all kinds of different food and met new people. I felt super in place with all these diverse humans. Nothing was too much or weird. It was such a relief. To realize who you are and what you want in life is so important. To connect with places and situations that suit you perfectly. To me it’s a place where I can completely be myself and let it all go. No one who judges, because they’re also too busy feeling free. It was wonderful. Hope to see you all next year!
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Cashew Lemon Snack

You might be familiar with the famous raw balls. These snacks have been a total hype since last year. They are easy to make, fancy to have on your table and there are so many delicious variations. I made up this version with four of my favorite ingredients: dates, lemon, cashews and coconut.
Keep an eye on the calories. When you’re on a diet, this might not be the right snack for you, sorry!
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In Blokzijl, a romantic little harbor town in the north of Overijssel in the Netherlands, you can find a gorgeous shop at Bierkade 9: Fint Store. This concept store is located in a charming old harbor office with ornamental ceilings and a basement filled with furniture from the 60’s. Fint store is founded by Katy Sonke ( and Suzanne Beurmanjer (Dat Zit Wel Snor). Fint store sells retro, one of a kind furniture and home accessories. You can also find lots of original, handmade, recycled and original pieces, like a candle within a teacup and festoons made from sheets of music.
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