Cashew Lemon Snack

You might be familiar with the famous raw balls. These snacks have been a total hype since last year. They are easy to make, fancy to have on your table and there are so many delicious variations. I made up this version with four of my favorite ingredients: dates, lemon, cashews and coconut.
Keep an eye on the calories. When you’re on a diet, this might not be the right snack for you, sorry!

Ingredients (8 snacks):
– 100 g dates
– 120 g cashews
– 50 g coconut flakes
– 1 lemon

1. Leave the dates soak in a bowl of water for 15 minutes (only if they’re not soft enough already).
2. Mix the dates with the cashews in a blender until it’s smooth.
3. Add the coconut flakes to the blender and mix it all together once more. Leave some flakes for decoration. 
4. Grate the lemon (also the outer side) and add it to the mixture. Mix it all together for the last time. 
5. Form the mixture into eight medium balls. With wet hands it will go easier. 
6. Roll the balls through the coconut flakes once more.
7. Serve the balls in a fancy vintage bowl 🙂

Nutrition per snack: 112 calories, 6,4 g fat, waarvan 1,4 g saturated fat, 3,2 g protein, 10,6 g carbs, 2,2 g fibers.


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