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Last Sunday I went to this wonderland wilderness: Wildeburg. A weekend festival with all kinds of dj booths, stages, food trucks and countless dreamy spots to sit with good company and drinks. There was even a small lake where you could take a swim or jump aboard one of the floating rafts. I felt like Alice in Wonderland herself. We danced for hours, tried all kinds of different food and met new people. I felt super in place with all these diverse humans. Nothing was too much or weird. It was such a relief. To realize who you are and what you want in life is so important. To connect with places and situations that suit you perfectly. To me it’s a place where I can completely be myself and let it all go. No one who judges, because they’re also too busy feeling free. It was wonderful. Hope to see you all next year!
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In Blokzijl, a romantic little harbor town in the north of Overijssel in the Netherlands, you can find a gorgeous shop at Bierkade 9: Fint Store. This concept store is located in a charming old harbor office with ornamental ceilings and a basement filled with furniture from the 60’s. Fint store is founded by Katy Sonke (www.woonmaterie.nl) and Suzanne Beurmanjer (Dat Zit Wel Snor). Fint store sells retro, one of a kind furniture and home accessories. You can also find lots of original, handmade, recycled and original pieces, like a candle within a teacup and festoons made from sheets of music.
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