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Cashew Lemon Snack

You might be familiar with the famous raw balls. These snacks have been a total hype since last year. They are easy to make, fancy to have on your table and there are so many delicious variations. I made up this version with four of my favorite ingredients: dates, lemon, cashews and coconut.
Keep an eye on the calories. When you’re on a diet, this might not be the right snack, haha.
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Black Raspberry Ice Cream

It’s summer and that means lots of cold drinksĀ and ice cream. Ice cream contains usually lots of added sugars and saturated fats, but not this one. This black raspberry ice cream is completely guilt-free and you can safe it for a while in the freezer. You can also replace the raspberries for any other fruit. The walnuts give this version a crunchy bite. With this version you can also make ice pops. Enjoy!
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